Sunday, January 10, 2021

Like: Worked All Morning


Once again, I’d let my writing slip behind and there are now days and days of catch up to be done.  Staring at a blank page from two weeks back, trying to remember something interesting to discuss about a day gone by.  In the notes, useless markers like: “Worked all morning.”  “Up early.”   


You can look to see if there are any photos you took of that day.  These might catalyze something.  And yes, there are indeed photos but for the day in question there are photos of trees in a nondescript section of the Wallkill Rail Trail.  I see the scene but it doesn’t jog anything in my memory .  I’ve considered these trees before.  What's there to say about this particular moment?

Emails and wechat can be a good way to remember what you were up to.  But you can look over all the emails that happened on a certain day and still be left with nothing.  Yes, I remember that gent reaching out.  Yes, I remember when that was still something to be done.  And I paid that bill on that morning.  But they don’t lend themselves to the beginnings of a yarn to spin. 

China is back to work from yesterday.  I too have some last-minute deals to get done and I reluctantly send a few emails but only for what’s most essential.  I don’t want to hunker down and drive forth on all the things that will ultimately need to be done.  It's a holiday time and I want to keep work at bay a bit longer.  So I stare at the blank page and try to remember more about what I was doing on that day two weeks ago.

Monday, 12/28/20


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