Thursday, January 14, 2021

You Obfuscate And Try

Oooh.  I’m enjoying this version of “Yesterdays.”  The bassist Sam Jones and the worthy counterpart, also on bass Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, (NHOP) are gently coaxing each other along on this track from the 1977 album “Double Bass.”  Unlike some of the other cuts, which have Billy Higgins and Albert Heath on percussion and Philip Catherine on guitar, this is strictly the two mournful stand-up bass, calling responding.  It came to an end as I was typing this and I immediately put it on again and though I’m not sure, I think I can necessarily tell the lyrical NHOP from the sullen Philips. 


Are those flakes out there in the predawn dark?  My first glance at suggested there was no such precipitation.  Refreshing the page, there is, in fact rain forecast for the next few hours with the temperature just above freezing.  We won’t get any accumulation, certainly but it can’t help but change your mood, to what, I’m not quite sure, when you gaze into the dark and see flakes slowly drifting downward.   Now that I lean up and consider the grass, I can see there is a light, white covering.

Impeached again.  No one wants to be associated with you any longer, Donald.  Sulking, pouting, raging, lonely, punished, sanctioned, indicted, one imagines that you’ll continue thrashing till you're through.  Blood, cop-blood, supporter-blood, American blood most assuredly on your hands and even though you fly to Texas, even though you fly to Florida, even though you obfuscate and try to change the channel and create a new distraction, these people will follow you around like so many Banquo-ghosts, ensuring that no one will ever be comfortable around you again.  They will always be there, hovering over your stooped shoulders.   

I’m staring over at the pillow on the floor.  When I have completed writing this paragraph I will turn out the lights and sit there and breathe in and out and count from one to ten over and over and do my best to think about nothing, except perhaps one to ten and the willful effort to slow my heart rate.  But I’ve already had a strong cup of coffee and then some.  I suspect my aorta will be confused by these mixed messages. 




Thursday, 01/14/21

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